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We, is an online literacy Platform maintained and operated as a family situation of an e-trade request managed and operated under marketable license 7883. To guarantee our capacity to get right of entry to your services, we might also attain and occasionally proportion your records. So, one can also guard your sequestration, we give this observe that word our data practices and the options you have got in terms of the collection and use of your information. With a view to ensure that everyone guests of the website, https// (hereafter" the website") and the"” (hereafter" the") are apprehensive of the sequestration policy that governs the use of the internet point and the, we endorse you to read the sequestration content and admit the expressions and situations contained herein with the aid of logging into the internet point. You must conform to our sequestration content, which covers the collecting and use of your particular information, or you aren't authorized to use the internet point. You can touch our client support if you have any questions or court cases about this sequestration content at learn@ektushikhi.Com.



“We”, “Our”, and “Us”- Refers back to the generators of this sequestration content.

“You”, “Your”, “Yourself” and “User”- Refers to natural and felony people who use the internet point.

“Website”- Refers back to the licit internet point of

“Personal Information”- Refers to any for my part identifiable information that We may also accumulate from You.

“Third Parties”- Refers to any internet point, enterprise or person piecemeal from the stoner and the creator of the website.



We take the duty to admire your particular statistics on- line. We in addition admit the need to hold and deal with the information you proportion with us that's identifiable personally ("personal information"). Information which we regard as particular roughly you include but is not always limited on your call, manage with, dispatch deal with, telephone variety or other touch information. You should give the posterior statistics; still, it is not always constrained to smartphone volume; bank data; date of delivery; fineness, faculty, subjects and syllabus; electronic correspondence deal with so as to shop for a product from our internet point. This Privacy Policy also applies to statistics collected from druggies who are not recorded as contributors, similar as still no longer constrained to browsing behavior, pages viewed etc. Also, the website requests let in to hyperlink your account in your Social Account, and when you have furnished authorization to link the plutocrat owed, the statistics will be amassed straight from your social media account.


User Provided Information

The website obtains the data you give when you download and register for the internet point. When you subscribe in with us, you generally offer( a) your name, age, dispatch address, deal with, telephone range, word and academic interests of your ward;( b) sale- associated statistics together with while making purchases, responding to offers or downloading contents;( c) statistics you give us when you touch us for help( d) data you enter into our device whilst the use of internet point, including while asking dubieties, uniting in conversations and taking checks. This information will be appeared as ‘Personal Information’. As a way to come up with the service, essential information, the asked announcements and marketing elevations, we will use the statistics on occasion. We're suitable to ask you if we want redundant records in a trouble to come apprehensive of you collectively (personal information). We're suitable to no longer separate among folks that use the device to get right of entry to the request, website online or services or products, supplied that the credentials suit your login/ progeny right of entry to credentials. It's critical that you have logged into it using your veritably own credentials to make full use of the internet point and to enable your information to be rightly captured within the internet point.


Automatically Collected Information

Also, the internet point can automatically collect sure records, which includes, but no longer limited to, the cell device feathers which you use, your cell tool particular device identity, your cellular working device IP address, your mobile cybersurfed type and the operation of the/ services/ wares records. We collect other applicable records in keeping with the authorizations you give as is the case for utmost cell telephones.


How information is collected

We can determine the cause of gathering the statistics before or while on-public statistics is gathered. Unless we have got the concurrence or captivity conditions of an applicable labor force, we most effective collect and use private data for the functions certain by way of us and for different compatible purposes. For those functions, we can best save particular information for so long as is important. With the information or concurrence of the ideal labor force, we collect private data in a legal and honest way as applicable. Private information shall be applicable to the functions for which it's used and shall, to the volume wanted for the one’s functions, be accurate, whole and streamlined.



On internet point links to different websites, content material or coffers can be covered on this website. No website or means furnished through groups or individualities piecemeal from ourselves are underneath us manipulate. You seize and agree that we cannot be answerable for the progeny admission to any outside website, aid or different cloth on or off similar outside web spots or means and do no longer recommend such a website or useful resource or different fabric. You well given and agree that we are not responsible for any loss or detriment as a result of or in connection with the provision of similar outside websites or sources. Those providers of third- birthday party services and websites might also have their own sequestration policy, which may also affect the storehouse and retention of your private statistics. We inspire you to review the website's sequestration policy for defensive your particular data when traveling a third- party website. When you visit this internet point, we use third party advertising and marketing associations.


External Links on Website

Your touch word might be used as important to touch you. We diagnose issues with our waiters via the use of your IP manage with and manage our website and s. You could also come apprehensive of and collect expansive demographic records with IP addresses. ultimately, along with your IP manage with, we're suitable to help cover you towards hookups and fraud. With the vacuity of recent generation, we can ameliorate protection. You'll transport us records about you, if we recover or combine in some other employer. In this illustration, earlier than you switch the information and admit one of a kind sequestration policy, you will be notified thru dispatch or through setting prominent notices at the web runner. We may also expose your private records to the third party to be suitable to follow the court program directives and analogous regulation remedies, or to suppose that it needs the essential sincerity to conform with the law and keep down from forthcoming fleshly damage or loss of cash. Rather, check out or take measures in reference to illegal moves, suspected fraud or violation of the expressions and situations of use. According with our brand policy, in conformity with our brand policy, we may also expose tête-à-tête identifiable records. You can discover your name, manage with, united countries of America, phone wide variety, electronic correspondence deal with and name of your marketable enterprise.


You further admit that this website might also contain data which are particular to us, and that without our earlier written concurrence you may no longer discover this information. Your information will now not be bared to any0.33 parties if needed to do so by regulation through the proper government. Your data are considered nonpublic. No0.33 festivity will be bought, participated or rented with us, nor do we shoot undesirable electronic correspondence thru your e-mail manage with. The emails we transport relate handiest to products and services which we've agreed upon.


Our Disclosure of Your Information

Due to the being nonsupervisory terrain, we cannot guarantee that no other manner of exposing your particular dispatches and different data is described else in this sequestration policy. We may be forced to reveal data to the government, law enforcement groups or third parties by manner of an example (without forbidding or abstaining). under positive cases, third parties may also unlawfully block or pierce transmissions or particular dispatches, or individualities may also abuse or misuse your records that they collect from our internet point. We thus do no longer, and ought to not anticipate, that your on-public data, identifiable or particular discussion will continually continue to personal information indeed though we exercise enterprise trendy practices to shield your sequestration. We do not vend or lease data roughly you to any0ne . Third party as a matter of policy. The posterior describes, still, sure approaches wherein you could discover your particular information providers of outside immolations you can use our web spots with a ramification of services presented by way of external carriers. Whilst you operate those optional immolations and they want to acquire statistics from you, their sequestration policy will exercise. Other realities within the company global personal information is participated with our parent and/ or accessories to help you together with your on- line requirements and associated immolations, that are to be had around the world. Those details may be furnished to you solely to ameliorate your browsing carouse in and to offer our services. They may deal with your information like they do that of their different contributors, as long as they've got admission to it. The agency and/ or its accessories, or all of them, can be acquired or intermingled with another marketable enterprise reality. We might partake some or all your private records if the total of services you ordered have been not to be had on our own waiters. In the occasion of such a prevalence, you may be notified (to the volume that it takes place). We work with colorful different businesses, which includes law enforcement, to make certain the enforcement of different legal guidelines, conforming of intellectual things, fraud, and different things rights. You authorize us to chance any particular records with law enforcement and government officers in case of a exploration into fraud, intellectual, or different illegal conditioning that could discover us else you to legal responsibility.

Accessing and Reviewing Information

You can view and edit the information you submit every time you register. If there are any modifications, we can check your historical data. You may change your personal details, like your address, postcode, country, and phone number. We will retain records of the information you request we erase in certain cases, including situations in which it would help to settle disputes, problems, and our terms and conditions. Another issue is the fact that outdated data has never been completely removed from our system due to technical and legal restrictions, including storage backups. To respond to your request, you should not expect us to remove all of your personally identifiable information from our database.


Other Information Collectors

We see data as a valuable asset, and thus we must do everything we can to avoid data loss and security breaches. To safeguard the information from unauthorized access by members inside and outside the firm, we utilize a variety of different security technologies. We do not advise using this website to pass along credit card information and banking account information to other users. People are encouraged to do this offline, via phone, or through private email. We ensure the privacy of our customers' personal information by using recognized industry standards, both in transit and post-delivery. Though "perfect security" is not achievable online. You also acknowledge that any security lapse outside our usual security procedures is your risk to bear.



We see records as a precious asset, and hence we should do the whole thing we can to avoid records loss and safety breaches. To cover the statistics from unauthorized, get admission to by members outdoors and inside the company, we make use of a spread of different security technologies. We do now not suggest using this internet point to skip along credit card information and banking account records to different guests. mortal beings are encouraged to try this offline, through cellphone, or through private e correspondence. We insure the sequestration of our guests' private data through using linked enterprise norms, both in conveyance and publish- transport. Indeed though" perfect safety" isn't presumptive on line. You likewise might fame that any safety lapse out-of-door our usual security processes is your peril to bear.



You ought to be apprehensive that it is not doable for us to make guarantees roughly the sequestration of your particular dispatches and different private data (similar as your nonpublic records together with credit score card and fiscal institution account figures), as these effects can be bared in a way that is not always described in this sequestration policy. Because of this, although we promise to shield your sequestration, we cannot guarantee your sequestration could be blanketed always. You, as a consumer of this internet point, are apprehensive about and be given which you take all responsibility and peril for the wholeness you do on this website, on the internet, and to your own bias, and far and wide differently you cross.


Disputes and Jurisdiction

All claims brought up by this policy, including but not limited to claims regarding rights, refunds, and compensation, will be resolved using a two-step alternative dispute resolution process. Stage one: mediation. If a dispute arises, an impartial third party will be chosen to settle the issue, and each party will select a mediator for mutual agreement. They may each nominate a sole arbitrator, and if both sides agree to that person, he or she will be assigned to mediate the case. Nevertheless, if the two proposed mediators are unable to reach a consensus, the company reserves the right to make the final decision. In spite of the mediator's decision being non-binding, both parties will do their best to abide by it. Stage 2: the arbitration process. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the arbitration award is final and enforceable by both parties. Two parties will each name one arbitrator, and the third will be appointed by two other arbitrators they mutually select. The arbitration is being held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. English will be used for the arbitration proceedings. After the arbitrator hands down their decision, both parties are bound by it. The case will be brought before the Dhaka court if the alternative dispute resolution fails to resolve the conflict.


Questions and Suggestions and Complaints Officer

If you have an unresolved issue by our customer service team, or if you want to report an unresolved issue, please write to our customer service at learn@ektushikhi.Com


Notice of Amendments and Changes to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify the terms and privacy policy from time to time as we think necessary without providing you with any notice or prior notice to you. Your continuing use of this website will be construed as acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any alterations are permitted. As a result, it is highly advised that you review the terms of service on a frequent basis. If you do not agree to any modification or alteration to the conditions, you may immediately discontinue your use of this website and any associated services.